Site Analysis

This section considers the detailed analysis work that the project team has undertaken in order to understand the site context and develop initial development proposals.

The design team have looked at the site in detail and considered how important physical features can be integrated within the development. These include site levels and topography, existing trees, hedges and dry stone walls and the various public rights of way which cross the site including the Millennium Way Walk, as well as key views into and out of the site.

Consultation Image2.jpg
Consultation Image2.jpg
Landscape-Led Approach.jpg

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Landscape-Led Approach 

A landscape-led approach has been adopted which seeks to protect and incorporate the key landscape features (existing trees, hedges and dry stone walls) into the site layout as far as possible. 


This has resulted in a landscape framework within which the development will sit.

Existing Character Analysis

Another key element of the design has been to formulate a development that not only works with the landscape features of the site, but also reflects local design character and features within Silsden. 

Consideration has been given to the existing character of the site and wider Silsden area in order to inform the design.  Key elements include the density, character and built form of surrounding streets and open spaces and local architectural detail.


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Design Principles

The site analysis work and landscape framework were then used to create a concept design, or sketch masterplan, for development of the site which: 


  • Retains existing landscape corridors, avoiding lateral breaks in hedges.

  • Retains key Public Rights of Way through the site as green corridors.

  • Integrates the site with the existing topography and landscape features taking inspiration from the recent edge developments in Silsden.

  • Reflects existing density, built form and urban grain. 

  • Provides open space to the site entrance to mirror the adjacent open space, alongside incidental green spaces found elsewhere throughout Silsden.

  • Facilitates long distance views across the valley and back into the site. 

  • Provides a green edge to the development. 

The masterplan developed as a result of this detailed site analysis is provided on the ‘Emerging Scheme Proposals’ section of this website.