Emerging Scheme Proposals

Persimmon Homes West Yorkshire is proposing to deliver a range of much needed quality homes at the site.  The development will consist of a range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes, including provision of affordable housing on site and new access roads and areas of public open space. 


In summary the emerging scheme proposals deliver the following:


  • Approximately 150 new homes, including 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. 

  • 20% of the new homes on site will be affordable housing in line with Bradford Council’s adopted affordable housing policy.  These will be available for either discounted rent or sale.

  • Areas of new open/green space provided throughout the development. 

  • Provision of a new vehicular access and pedestrian link off Bolton Road (A6034) alongside new internal roads, pedestrian and cycle routes and car parking. 

  • Incorporation or close diversion of existing public rights of way, and retention of the Millennium Way Walk in situ.

  • Retention of the majority of on-site trees and hedgerows alongside new tree planting and landscaping to new homes and open space. 

  • New homes constructed with high levels of energy efficiency, significantly reducing energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Provision of on-site infrastructure including sustainable surface water drainage, new foul drainage and utilities.  

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Access and Movement

Vehicular access will be taken from Bolton Road (A6034) via a new priority junction, which will be provided alongside new pedestrian and cycle connections and routes through the site.  

Hawber Cote Drive currently has no adequate turning facilities.  Following discussions with Bradford Council it is proposed to extend Hawber Cote Drive for a short distance into the site and provide a turning head which can accommodate refuse and delivery vehicles.

The following pedestrian/cycle connections and facilities will be explored which will improve accessibility to local facilities and public transport, including:


  • A pedestrian connection from the Millennium Way Walk through to Bolton Road;

  • A pedestrian/cycle link to Hawber Cote Drive;

  • Extension of the existing pedestrian footway on Bolton Road along the site frontage; and

  • Provision of dropped crossing facilities and tactile paving at the site entrance on Bolton Road.

The site layout has been designed to enable the development to link into an eastern by-pass should this be required or developed in the future as part of wider development in this part of the town.

Residential Character and House Types

The houses will comprise a bespoke house type which will reference the more traditional building styles evident throughout Silsden, whilst also incorporating high levels of energy efficiency.  

The design will seek to create an attractive, high quality and sustainable residential character which will create a distinct sense of place and identity for future residents.

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Sustainable Design

All Persimmon dwellings incorporate high levels of energy efficiency, significantly reducing energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.  Measures include:


  • High levels of insulation and air tightness which significantly reduce heat loss.

  • An efficient, gas condensing boiler installed in each property.

  • Energy efficient bulbs used in every light fitting.

  • Natural ventilation provided through efficient, decentralised extractor fans to ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment.

  • White goods offered to purchasers with an energy efficient rating of A+/A.

  • Inclusion of photo voltaic (PV) panels to provide low carbon energy to a number of plots.

  • Car chargers provided to every dwelling, where practicable, to encourage the use of for fully electric or hybrid vehicles.