Scheme Benefits

  • Provision of much needed new housing and improving housing choice and availability in Silsden.

  • Delivering approximately 30 new affordable homes.

  • Delivering high quality housing which reflects the existing and historic character and built form of Silsden.

  • New areas of public open space for new and existing residents to enjoy.

  • Retention of the majority of on-site trees and hedgerows alongside new tree planting to gardens and areas of open space, providing net gains for biodiversity.

  • Retaining and encouraging the use of established public rights of way, including the Millennium Way Walk. 

  • Creation of a sustainable and low carbon development through incorporation of high levels of energy efficiency and adoption of the latest low-carbon and renewable technologies.

  • CIL revenue in the region of £250,000, 25% of which will be available to Silsden Town Council to spend with reference to the priorities identified within the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Silsden Streetscape Cam01  26-08-21_Filter_edited.jpg


Please give us your views on the emerging scheme proposals by completing the feedback form provided on the ‘Have Your Say’ section of the website.