Scheme Introduction

This public consultation website has been created to provide further information and generate feedback about plans by Persimmon Homes West Yorkshire to develop new housing on land at Bolton Road / Brown Bank Lane to the north east of Silsden.

The site immediately adjoins existing housing (Banklands Avenue and Hawber Cote Drive) to the west, alongside the allotment gardens which fall outside the application site and are unaffected by the proposals. Silsden’s new primary school is under construction to the immediate south of the site. Bolton Road and Brown Bank Lane border the site to the south, beyond which Skipton Properties are on site delivering new homes. Open fields lie to the east.


The site currently comprises open fields dissected by established landscape features including hedgerows, field boundaries, trees and dry-stone walls and a number of public rights of way cross the site.  A landscape-led approach is being adopted to the site’s development which seeks to protect and incorporate these features into the site layout as far as possible.

A key element of the design brief has been to formulate a scheme that not only works with the landscape features of the site, but also reflects local design character and features within Silsden. 

Planning Context 

Silsden is identified as a Local Growth Centre within the Bradford Core Strategy and draft Local Plan.  It is considered to be one of the most sustainable locations in the Bradford District, being accessible to higher order settlements, and is required to make a significant contribution to meeting housing needs identified by Bradford Council for Silsden and the wider District.


Land at Bolton Road/Brown Bank Lane was removed from the Green Belt in the 1990s but until recently was ‘safeguarded’ for longer term need.  


The site is wholly located within Silsden’s settlement boundary and defined urban area.  

The northern part of the site comprises a draft housing allocation in Bradford’s emerging Local Plan (reference SI2/H) and the remainder of the site has been identified in Bradford Council’s 2021 Strategic Land Assessment as suitable for housing development. 

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Planning Context

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Steeton With Eastburn and Silsden Neighbourhood Plan

The approach to development of land at Bolton Road/Brown Bank Lane has been developed with reference to the overarching aim, objectives and policies of the Steeton with Eastburn and Silsden Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was adopted (made) on 7th June 2021.

The development will directly contribute to promoting sustainable housing development and supporting future housing growth within the existing settlement boundary (Objective 1 and Policy SWES1).  

The development has been designed to facilitate good quality and locally distinctive design as required by Objectives 2 and 3 and Policy SWES2 and incorporates a landscape-led approach to design in order to protect and enhance the valued landscape character of the area in accordance with Policy SWES5.  

As an area with an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan, Steeton with Eastburn and Silsden Town Councils will receive 25% of the CIL money collected from the development to be spent in the local area with reference to the priorities identified within the NDP.